Let's learn what Branched Chain Amino Acids are, and what they do.

BCAAs are broken down proteins that are crucial to the human body system as they build up broken down, tired, worn out, fatigued muscle.

When you workout you are increasing your nitric oxide; increasing blood flow and oxygen in the muscles.

Your muscles are constantly expanding and contracting, causing micro tears in the muscle, which is all a part of the muscle building process.

Without the supplementation of amino acids you will feel this burn in the muscle after you finish your workout. That is called lactic acid, or broken down muscle.

When your muscles feel like this that means they are depleted of the necessary nutrients they need. Lactic acid can be detrimental to muscle growth, and in some cases decreases muscle size, and strength.

Heres why and how you should use BCAAs.

Once your muscles are all broken down they are needing certain amino acids called L-leucine,L-Valine,Iso-Leucine,Iso-Valine. These certain forms of amino acids are used to reduce lactic acid which is the acid that makes muscles feel sore and tired.

For enhanced muscle growth and strength gain here are the optimal times to ingest BCAAs.

Pre-workout- heres why it can be most beneficial taken preworkout; The BCAAs will help reduce lactic acid therefore you can increase reps and increase muscle growth.

You can also take the BCAAs after your workout so that once all your bio nuclei cells are drained and depleted you can take your BCAAs to increase muscle size,fullness,and skeletal strengths of the muscle fibers.

What are the best Amino Acids to take?

Here at Total Nutrition we highly suggest that you go for one of our high quality amino acids called Amino Tide, or AminoNRG. Unlike other companies; the ingredients in our products are actually fully dosed and are 3rd party tested to insure the potency of the ingredients.

Our top tasting sellers are Sour gummy from Amino Tide, and for AminoNRG it is Black Berry lemonade, or Citrus Mango.

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