Magnum Nutraceuticals Heat Accelerate Thermogenic Fat Burner

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Magnum Heat ® Accelerated burns fat including on  on love handles and inter-abdominal fat easily via four unique mechanisms:

  1. Slices apart fat molecules in preparation for fat metabolism*
  2. Promotes blood flow to dormant fat cells, thereby reactivating them*
  3. Supports the rate by which the reactivated fat cells are released as energy*
  4. Blocks the enzymes that break down triglycerides so they can be stored in the body’s fat cells and helping disperse fat cells evenly throughout the body to be used as energy*

For the first time ever, your trouble spots will be burned off as fast as the rest of your fat loss.*


  • Supports fat loss by increasing metabolic rate and energy expenditure*
  • Transports blood to dormant fatty tissue, making it available as fuel*
  • Reduces lipogenic (fat storing) gene expression of several different fat storing enzymes*
  • Provides a very powerful adaptogen blend to help support your endocrine system*
  • Increases insulin sensitivity and acts as a nutrient partition-er*

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