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It's 2019. and the days of the micro-dosed pre workouts are over.

Unlike many "popular" pre workout supplements, DUALITY uses fully dosed and clinically proven ingredients that are backed by science to give you the best workouts!

if you break down the science of each ingredient inside DUALITY, you will see there are very few pre-workout supplements come close to matching the dosing we use to fuel your workouts. 🚀

When our team developed DUALITY, the goal was to have a pre-workout that gave you insane pumps and insanely smooth sustaining energy.

Most popular pre-workouts that compete with DUALITY, are loaded up with cheap and dangerous stimulants that actually do nothing for your performance, strength & building muscle.😒

You can be sure that, DUALITY dose not use "Micro-Dosed" servings like most contemporary pre-workout supplements.

When you take any Alchemy Labs supplement, you can rest assured that each product contains the highest quality raw materials in the world to fuel your workouts!


  • Improved energy during training & laser sharp intensity*
  • Improved strength & power*
  • Unbelievable pumps that last for hours*
  • Recovery from intense workouts*
  • Improved focus & mood*

Who Should Take DUALITY:

  • Anyone wanting smooth steady energy without jitters*
  • Anyone wanting maximum blood flow & huge pumps in the gym*
  • Anyone looking to improve performance in their workout programs*
  • Anyone wanting to push past their normal limits*
  • Anyone wanting energy without restricting blood flow*
  • Anyone who is conscious of daily caffeine intake*

 Why DUALITY was formulated:

  • To deliver a pre workout that gives you laser sharp focus & smooth energy without restricting blood flow*
  • Produces huge pumps in the gym that last all day*
  • Produces better muscular endurance*
  • Unbelievable taste and flavors!