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Cre-Absorb isn't your standard run of the mil creatine supplement. Cre-Absorb is guaranteed not to cause nasty water retention like lower grade creatine supplements out there today. This makes it a perfect selection for anyone who is looking to pack on quality muscle and stay lean, or for the person who is in a cutting phase of their training but still wants to maintain muscle mass.*

Cre-Absorb is highly effective due to the form of creatine we use and our Rocket Delivery system to maximize uptake into the muscles. So if you are someone who is looking to get the most out of their dollar, and get top-notch results. Then Cre-Absorb is perfect for you.


Unlike many popular pre-workout supplements, DUALITY uses fully-dosed and clinically-proven ingredients, backed by science, to give you the best workouts!

When developing DUALITY, we didn't use "micro-dosed" servings like most contemporary pre-workout supplements, nor did we load it up with cheap and dangerous stimulants that actually do nothing for your performance, strength, and muscle-building efforts.

Our team developed DUALITY with a single goal in mind: to produce a pre-workout that gives you insane pumps with insanely smooth, sustainable energy


When it comes to working out and training hard, recovery will always be the key to how fast you build muscle or lose fat! ✔

If you look around the gym, you will notice gym warriors crushing two hour-long workouts, but they aren't consuming nearly the amount of protein or amino acids necessary to even keep up with their work outs.

This overtime over-training without proper recovery and nutrition can ultimately lead to: muscle wasting, extreme fatigue, higher cortisol levels, and even fat accumulation 

These exact problems are why we developed AMINO TIDE. We created this formula with 4 goals in mind:

  1. Increase Recovery Rates
  2. Help Build & Protect Muscle
  3. Help Aid in Weight Loss
  4. Increase Athletic Performance

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