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Alchemy Labs SMOKED Thermogenic Pre-Workout

Alchemy Labs SMOKED is a high-stimulant pre-workout supplement formulated for weightlifters like yourself who are addicted to walking in the gym with your favorite song pumping you up, zoning in on your mission and destroying your workout. SMOKED is only for people like you who crave the highest levels of achievements in you workouts.

When it came to formulating the strongest pre workout supplement like SMOKED, our priority was to not use any banned or illegal ingredients. Yet, produce a stimulant blend that is not only stronger but leaves you feeling like you just rode a rocket ship into outer space. We went above and beyond to create a thermogenic experience with 45 mg of Grains of Paradise (Paradoxine), and 4 mg of Alpha Yohimbine (Rauwolscine) to leave you dripping in sweat every time you hit the gym. When it comes to fueling your muscle for a workout and enhancing endurance there is no better combination than 3200 mg of Beta-Alanine with carbohydrates. This lethal combination helps push you past any physical limits holding you back from your new personal records.*


Our promise to you is we do things with integrity, honor, and without compromise. That is why we manufacture our supplements in-house, to ensure every product that leaves our building is properly dosed, free of banned ingredients, and has made it through our rigorous quality control processes.