CLA is produced from linoleic acid (found in high amounts in sunflower and safflower oil) utilizing a process that gently converts the linoleic acid into conjugated linoleic acid. But how can a fatty acid help in the challenge of reducing body fat while increasing lean muscle mass?


A number of studies have demonstrated that CLA reduces fat mass while increasing lean body mass3. A recent human study investigating the effect of 4.2g CLA/day in 53 normal healthy individuals led to a significant decrease (3.8%) in body fat compared with individuals not taking CLA. In addition, a study in obese and overweight populations demonstrated that at least 3.4 g CLA/d for a period of 12 weeks was necessary to see a significant reduction in body fat2.
  1. Help’s with Immune system, heart health, regulate blood sugar levels, bone health and supports body composition.
  2. It helps reduce fatty cells by allowing your body to use more body fat as energy and fuel for the muscle. Leading to more lean muscle and less body fat.
  3. Helps Shrink fat cells to allow the body to use as a source of energy, instead of storing the FAT cells.

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