As a personal trainer, fitness model, and entrepreneur; life can be hectic, but thinking of what drives me keeps me going in stressful times. I grew up in a family that promoted being athletic and doing what you love but hasn’t always taken nutritious foods into account alongside an active lifestyle. I grew up watching my mother deal with health issues. That has given me a heart for people that deal with health problems and balancing nutrition and fitness
to aid them in their battle. There is nothing more empowering nor endearing than seeing a client’s happiness when they reach a new goal or show up to a session with a story of how they “did something for the first time again in forever” since our last meetup. The glow that radiates from them is truly my motivation. This drives me to learn more and do better for myself, so I may be able to share my experience and increasing knowledge with others that may struggle
alike or in their own way. “I build warriors” is my slogan. As I personally deal with MS and autoimmune disease; I know that getting in the gym regularly or even getting out of bed can be a struggle sometimes. It is exactly that experience that allows me to not only understand the population that might have setbacks, but to have a compassion for and strive to find ways to beat the “system” they
may be fighting. We should not think “I am weak, weird, different”. Instead, because you have setbacks, fighting on just makes you even stronger. Pushing yourself and knowing you can be your best through what you’re dealing with makes you a WARRIOR.Everyone is built differently and not one person is the same. I love the fact, however, that health and nutrition in many different forms is still a center meeting point for overall  improvement, self-awareness, confidence, and a better lifestyle. I seek to represent that you CAN be better, and that you can be the best version of you and no one else. In other words, no
one has ever been you nor you them, so how can you be better than them or they you? You should only seek to challenge yourself, better yourself, and be your best self at any given moment; only at that time may you consider comparing yourself to others and only by your efforts still. I built my brand Resolution You around this premise and I hope I can lead others in the
notion that they don’t have to strive for anything but to be the best version of themselves and they don’t have to wait around for a new years’ “resolution”. They don’t need any reason, but simple need, and they CAN do it. Just take that first step and I’ll be here for support along the way.