Meet Chad Lay - Manager/Owner of Greenway Plaza Location

Hey! My name is Chad Lay, I am an ARMY Vet! When I got out of the Army, I went to college for Kinesiology, marketing, and nutrition. I truly enjoy educating people on fitness and nutrition to help them achieve their goals. One of my favorite things to do outside of running the store is coaching and writing meal plans for NPC bikini competitors and have helped many of my clients earn top place finishes in their shows. 
Outside of work, my passions are Nutrition , Sports, my dog Max, traveling and working-out. In 2007, I chose to go into the health & fitness industry when I asked myself what I enjoyed doing and loved? Since I've always had a passion for sports and nutrition it only made sense to become a Personal Trainer then went into owning a Nutrition business to help even more people. Nutrition and fitness come easily to me because it's not looked at as work to me when I research and increase my knowledge on these subjects it's what I do for fun. :)  I started working with Total Nutrition in February 2014, and have never looked back since! Follow our IG: @totalnutritiongreenway or on facebook totalnutritiongreenway