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 Meet Brandon Loera - Total Nutrition Katy General Manager 

 Hey! My name is Brandon Loera, I a manager in the company and specialize in understanding and applying nutrition and supplementation to help other reach their full potential. I train new comers on the importance of nutrition and supplement knowledge as well as customer service. I am a very open minded and understanding individual who enjoys being a people person and very easy to talk to. I strongly believe in self discipline and work ethic, which I apply and portray in both my private and professional life. In addition I am very outgoing and headstrong, always looking for the next experience challenge and thrill in life that I face with optimism and amusement. I have been a Houston native all my life and am proud to call this city my home. I am however a caffeine addict, so if you ever see me I’m probably opening or drinking something with caffeine.

I have plenty of different hobbies such as fishing, all mediums of art, weight lifting and mainly vehicles; I could probably customize all sorts of vehicles and pretend like I could buy them all if I could. I’m an avid enjoyer of music from hip hop to back roads country. I love all competitive sports as well as playing them to the best of my genetic ability. I do enjoying going to the gun range from time to time as well going on runs with my dogs. My other interest range far and wide too many to name on one page for sure but anything from watching podcasts, diving into financial success books and investment pathways to anything under the sun. When I started: March, 2016


I have and will dedicate my life to this industry because I want to change people’s views on their own health and do my best to halt the way society has created a dependency of pharmaceutical drugs due to lack of education and motivation. I have seen too many examples far and wide from friends and family that put themselves in pain, struggle and disparity because of the way they treat their bodies in and out. If myself can educate others and be a source of knowledge and anchor others to a belief in themselves I know I made a difference for the better. I enjoy seeing and guiding others to their own success.