Alchemy labs Peeled Extreme Fat Burning (30 Servings)

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Alchemy Labs PEELED is the pinnacle of cutting supplements EVER. PEELED was designed for weightlifters and bodybuilders who are looking to destroy body fat, get strong-AF, and build lean muscle.*

PEELED is one of the strongest Epi-Andro based pro hormone supplements on the market today with over 500mg per serving. We also added our Rocket Delivery system to bypass stomach acids and allow for maximum absorption, which combats the common absorption issues with normal Andro-based pro hormones.*

What's this mean for you? This means that whenever you take PEELED for, you will immediately notice an increased "Alpha Male" feeling in the gym, leaving you in a constant state of overdrive. Many users note that they notice significant gains in strength, muscle size, and reduction in body fat while running PEELED.*


  • Lean dense muscle gains*
  • Increased strength & power*
  • Maintaining muscle & dropping body fat* 

Who Should Take PEELED:

  • Anyone looking to rip body fat off & build lean muscle*
  • Anyone wanting cutting down for summer, wedding, or competition*
  • Anyone wanting to get ridiculously strong*

Why PEELED Was Formulated:

  • To be the strongest legal cutting pro hormone to date*
  • To provide a safe alternative for someone wanting to run a cycle*

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