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FOCAL POINT is a Nootropic-based pre-workout and energy supplement formulated to help boost Performance, Focus, and Energy!

We designed this formula to be very versatile for anyone struggling with energy, focus, and performance and in need of an extra boost in the gym, in the office, or during intense gaming sessions!

FOCAL POINT is backed by the top nootropic ingredients in the world and makes a great supplement for those new to pre-workouts and those who consider themselves connoisseurs of PWOs and energy drinks!

So. If you are on the hunt for . . .

  • Improved Focus & Mood 🤓
  • Elevated Energy & Output 🚀
  • Improved Gaming Reaction Speed 🎮
  • Greater Performance & Endurance 💥
  • N.O.-Enhancing Effects 💪

L-CITRULLINE: increases vasodilation and blood flow, reduces blood pressure, stimulates protein synthesis, improves muscular endurance (13)

BETA-ALANINE: improves athletic performance, reduces fatigue, increases endurance, promotes muscle growth (15)

TAURINE: boosts exercise performance, increases fat burning during exercise, reduces fatigue, decreases muscle damage (1)

CAFFEINE ANHYDROUS: improves mood and brain function, boosts metabolism, speeds up weight loss, enhances exercise performance (3)(4)(5)(6)(7)(8)

THEACRINE (as TEACRINE®): patented and clinically researched form of Theacrine, increases mood and cognitive performance (2)(18)

LION'S MANE EXTRACT: brain-boosting memory and cognitive function, improves mood (16)(17)

N-ACETYL-L-TYROSINE (NALT): improves mental performance (9)(10)

VELVET BEAN SEED EXTRACT: lowers stress, reduces anxiety, improve focus, boost libido, improve mood (14)

TOOTHED CLUBMOSS (HUPERZIA SERRATA) WHOLE HERB EXTRACT: improves memory and mental function (11,12)

RAUWOLSCINE (ALPHA-YOHIMBINE): promotes weight loss, improves energy and focus


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